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To refer a youth into the Minneapolis or Suburban Host Home Program, please email Ryan Berg.

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Suburban Host Home Program

The population of homeless, unaccompanied youth is growing in Minnesota. According to a count of homeless people conducted by Wilder Research in October 2009, there are 46 percent more homeless, unaccompanied youth (ages 16 to 21) in Minnesota than were counted just three years ago. On any night in the state, an estimated 2,500 youth are homeless and on their own.

Homeless youth are everywhere, including the suburbs of Hennepin County. This new program provides safe, supportive transitional housing for the homeless youth of suburban Hennepin County in volunteer homes. Those who are interested in learning more about suburban homeless youth and ways they can help are encouraged to attend one of our monthly informational sessions. Details appear to the right.

The Suburban Host Home Program is a community initiative involving local schools, faith communities, local government, service providers and the greater suburban Hennepin County community. The mission of the program is to address the housing needs of homeless youth by connecting them with caring adults from their own communities who are willing to provide safe housing and support.

After studying housing and services options, the Suburban Host Home Program Action Council and Teens Alone turned to Avenues for Homeless Youth, which has deep experience as the coordinator of the GLBT Host Home Program. This new program is largely modeled on that existing and very successful program.

The objectives of the Suburban Host Home Program fall into two main areas:

  1. Providing safe and supportive housing to suburban homeless youth by building upon the capacity and caring that exists within the suburban community.
  2. Expanding awareness across the suburban community of the lives of homeless young people.

At full operation, the Suburban Host Home Program will provide transitional living arrangements for 10+ homeless suburban youth ages 16 to 21 in safe, supportive host homes within the suburbs. The program recruits and trains adult volunteers in the suburbs to be host homes, then matches suburban homeless youth with those volunteer host homes, so that the youth may continue to live, attend school, and work within their home suburban communities.

To learn more about the Suburban Host Home Program, attend an informational meeting (dates and locations are listed to the right) or contact Deena to set up a meeting. Thank you!

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Attend an info session noted below or contact Deena McKinney anytime with questions or to set up an individual meeting.

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